RISING TIDE ARTS ~ 1984 ~ present

ONCE UPON A TIME, there was a little girl who imagined that she was a princess with a pet dragon, and who loved to jump waves at the beach, ride her bike, draw pictures, make up skits and put them on for the whole neighborhood, read Grimm’s and Anderson’s Fairy Tales, build forts in the back yard, and sing in the shower. She survived all that and is still alive and well inside of me, the adult woman who owns this bright and unique shop. And now you’re here visiting. How wonderful! Please come in, brush the dragon scales off a chair and take some time to get to know me better.

From the time I could hold a crayon with the intention to draw with it instead of eating it, I have been an artist. I grew up in Portland Oregon in a large family of artistic temperaments, most of us exploring our creativity through art, music, writing and healing arts. This influence was further enhanced by art classes that I attended at Portland State University and the University of Alaska in Juneau.

Living in the color palette of the Northwest has informed my art works enormously, as have the ever-present possibilities here of earthquakes, erupting volcanoes, tidal waves, and an infinite variety of cloud formations. I delight in and am hugely inspired by Mother Nature and her magic. My art work reflects my love of Earth and my deep appreciation for the gift that is my Life.

My images run the gamut from wildlife to fantasy; from landscape to graphics. I believe that humor and surprise are essential elements to incorporate into a piece of art, especially in today’s digital world where we are constantly inundated with visual and sound bytes. A painting of a still life can be beautiful, and for some, this is enough. I, on the other hand, strive to bring a deeper spirit into the image, a deeper story that can resonate with something below the surface of the senses. There is a place in all of us that has a deep need for healing and beauty and it’s my intention that my art work entertains, yet educates; presents new perspectives while validating the present moment.


I have experimented with a wide variety of media, and refer to myself as a “fine point artist”, which means that I employ both colored and graphite pencils, pen and ink, embossing techniques, and intaglio etching to render my detailed images. More recently I’ve stuck my toes in the water of digital art techniques. I love to combine media and, rather like a scientific experiment, stand back and see what happens.


My business name, Rising Tide Arts, was conceived in a tiny cabin on the shore of Lena Cove, eighteen miles north of Juneau, Alaska. I could sit and stare out at the water, shore birds, and cloudscapes for long periods of time and come back to myself with a whole new list of potential projects to embark upon. The symbol, in my logo, of the circle with a line through it is a universal one for ‘water’. It was the starting point. I needed for my logo to be the “picture worth a thousand words” in which my admiration, indeed, my spiritual ties with Earth and Nature were evident along with my ability to illustrate them. “Rising tide” speaks to my willingness to be on the cutting edge of my own thinking and creativity and to acknowledge that Mystery plays a big part in everything that gets created. You never know what the tide will bring in!

Healing arts: I am an artisan who needs variety. When I engaged in studies in healing arts, and the range runs from dental hygiene to Acupressure based on Chinese holistic practices, I found a pleasing balance between helping people with health issues and sequestering myself in the solitude of my art studio. They each inform and inspire the other.
Writing: I am also an enthusiastic writer.  I jump out of bed early, most mornings, to spend at least an hour writing poetry, children’s stories, short adult stories, and even have a couple of novels and a blog percolating on side burners. It’s an energizing way to start the day, I find.
Teaching: I enjoy teaching. As well as offering art classes for young people, I've taught Tai Chi, writing, meditation and basic Acupressure. I believe everyone is capable of employing their creative energies in positive ways.
Everything else: When I’m not doing all of the above, I hike forest trails and beaches, offer elbow grease to my veggie garden, study medicinal herbs and trundle my products off to art fairs and farmers’ markets. When time allows, I love to cook. It’s ALL fun and juicy.

Thanks for being curious! ~ Terrea

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